2016 Honorees

2016 Outstanding Award Winners

2016 Outstanding Young Philanthropist/Fundraiser Volunteer
Clara Thatcher
Nominated by Cooley Dickinson Health Care

2016 Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation
WAM Theatre, Inc.
Nominated by Kristen van Ginhoven

2016 Volunteer in Philanthropy
Chris "Monte" Belmonte
Nominated by William Newman on behalf of
Monte's Colleagues at the Northampton Radio Group

2016 Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year
Edward Sokolowski
Nominated by Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club

2016 Outstanding Champion of Diversity
Waleska Lugo-DeJesus
Nominated by Frank Robinson, Ph.D.

2016 President’s Awards
Honoring Diversity within NGOs in W MA Philanthropic Community
Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Services
Nueva Esperanza
Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts